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Reading Rainbow

Our friend Laura is finishing a grad degree from the LBJ school this week.  To celebrate their upcoming graduation, Laura and her classmates put together a roast for all of their professors and one another, and one of the skits starred GTB!  That’s right…he finally made it to the big screen 🙂  The video is a version of Reading Rainbow (remember that awesome show?  right after mr. rogers and 3-2-1 contact), and it features kids critiquing books written by LBJ professors.  GTB’s the second kid in the video…its pretty short so if you have a chance, you should check it out.

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ONE Last Day

This is GTB’s last day of being ONE!  Tomorrow he turns two, and he is ready!  In fact, if he could, he would bypass two and go straight to five.  Whenever we go to the grocery store, he holds out five fingers and tells all of the strangers naively walking past us, “I’m 5!  GTB’s 5!”

Since Toodus won’t be back into town until late tomorrow night, we’re postponing any official birthday celebration until Saturday, but we plan to spend the day with Grandpa Mahlon, Grandma Buzzy, Aunt Morgan, and Boyfriend Cameron at SeaWorld…watching the dolphins and Shamoo!  Goodbye ONE, Hello TWO!

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Fight Club

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