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Sneak Peek

GTB has learned the age old game of peek-a-boo:

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Kickin’ It

GTB is learning to play sports!

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Mr. Happy

Oh, the irony… 


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My Two Front Teeth

We found these letters that GTB wrote to Santa.

December 1, 2007 

Dear Santa:

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.  I’m eight months old, I’ve already learned to walk, but I still don’t have any teeth.  If I don’t get some soon, the other kids will start to make fun of me.  Could you please just bring me my teeth for Christmas?

Love, GTB

December 20, 2007

Dear Santa:

In the last few weeks, I finally got a few teeth.  My two bottom middle teeth came in, and then two of my top teeth came in.  The funny thing is that it wasn’t my middle top two teeth (i hear those are called central incisors), it was my side teeth (the lateral incisors, according to adults).  My mom and dad think its kind of weird, but we both know that it’s because you’re bringing my front two teeth on Christmas morning just like I asked.  Thanks Santa!

Love, GTB

ps.  I included some pictures to show you that I’m taking good care of the teeth I already have.  I promise to take good care of my front two teeth too. 




February 1, 2007

Dear Santa:

I thought you were bringing my two front teeth for Christmas.  They still aren’t here yet.  What happened?  Did they fall of the sleigh?  Are they on back order?  I need you to hurry up if you can.  Everyone’s calling me names like “hippo,” “fanged beast,” and “wolverine.”  I got two more bottom teeth, but I’m worried that no matter how many teeth I get, I’ll never be able to live down these nicknames if you don’t help me out soon.

Love, GTB

ps.  Here’s a picture of my hippo teeth.  See how big they’ve gotten?


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Friends Don’t Hug Friends

GTB tends to be a pretty social kid.  He’s also quite affectionate, which his parents love but other kids aren’t always so sure about….

This series of pictures occurs over the course of about 30 seconds during which GTB tries to give Bennett a hug.  Check out Bennett’s reaction 🙂





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Party in GTB’s Crib

In recent weeks, GTB has come to love his crib.  He gladly hangs out in his crib, reading books and making faces at the dog from behind the bars.  He also loves his stuffed animals and hugs them every time he wakes up from a nap. 



Of course, his crib is also a great place to snooze, and GTB loves to curl up with his blanket and take a good nap.


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Playing in the Rain

Alright, we confess that we are WAY behind in blogging.  So over the next few days look for a lot of short posts with GTB updates.  We’re also going to try to post a number of videos in the coming week or two, so that everyone can appreciate the pure craziness of GTB…..

here’s a picture of GTB playing in the nasty Austin rain last week.  He wore his duckboots and rain hat and loved putting his hands up in the air to feel the rain drops.  The rain definitely did not stop him from his newfound love of playing outside.


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