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Our March Madness

I found this post in my drafts folder.  Not sure why it didn’t get posted, but I figured better late than never!

Our version of March Madness has included almost no basketball…but nonetheless, a lot of fun.  We spent a day in Houston and a weekend in Phoenix and were thrilled to have some time with family and friends.

Visiting Aunt Morgan and Boyfriend Cameron in Houston.  We loved meeting Cameron and had a blast at the zoo!




The best part of our day at the zoo (besides the great company, of course) was the baby giraffe.  Less than a month old and already able to pee for 11 minutes straight.


We also had the chance to go to our great friend Junkyard’s wedding last weekend in Phoenix!  We loved catching up with old friends and enjoying the Arizona weather and scenery.






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ONE Last Day

This is GTB’s last day of being ONE!  Tomorrow he turns two, and he is ready!  In fact, if he could, he would bypass two and go straight to five.  Whenever we go to the grocery store, he holds out five fingers and tells all of the strangers naively walking past us, “I’m 5!  GTB’s 5!”

Since Toodus won’t be back into town until late tomorrow night, we’re postponing any official birthday celebration until Saturday, but we plan to spend the day with Grandpa Mahlon, Grandma Buzzy, Aunt Morgan, and Boyfriend Cameron at SeaWorld…watching the dolphins and Shamoo!  Goodbye ONE, Hello TWO!

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Deuce the Caboose

The Deuce is 26 weeks, growing, and healthy, healthy, healthy!

However, here’s what the sonogram technician told us yesterday:  “Your baby’s crazy!  He’s wiggling around…and super squirmy.  He won’t stay still!”

We’re begun bracing ourselves for June…



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Fight Club

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