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New Tunes

We are so thankful to have these guys leading worship at our church week in and week out.  Their music has been an encouragement to worship a God who is great and mighty…a God who is worthy of all our worship….and we love to see how God is using them in Austin, in the United States, and in the nations!  If you are looking for great new music, you’ve found it!


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With the upcoming (quickly upcoming) birth of Deuce the Caboose, I realized I had failed to blog about any of the fun things we did during the month of May.  Since there’s not much else to do while you’re stuck in a hospital room in labor, I figured I’d fill everyone in!

Free Breakfast at Chick Fil A for a full week!  We went three times 🙂


Mother’s Day at Central Market


Toodus and GTB making their first dollar bet.  GTB ate an entire hot dog from Costco and won the bet.  He fed the dollar to his piggy.


Wimberly with the Dunns and the rest of the Newly Nearly Married crew



Hung out with Matthew Drinka while his sister Kyler was being born!


Swim CLASSES!  GTB loved his swim classes and his swim instructor, Miss Jennifer



Sea World with the Pecks and the Barretts




Celebrated our great friends AJ and Jill’s engagement!


Enjoyed celebrating our 5 year anniversary!  Our friends Scott and Chelsea watched GTB for the night…we went to a fancy dinner and then spent the next day going to breakfast at Flip Happy, kayaking on Town Lake, and laying out at Barton Springs.








Met baby Ephrem and joyfully celebrated his adoption into the Ryan family!



And finally, this past weekend we had the chance to watch our friends Travis and Liz get married! We were hoping the baby would hold off until after this wedding, and luckily he did!


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Join us on Saturday, May 16, for our church-wide Family Reunion + Baptism. The festivities will get started at 11am, with lunch at noon, baptisms at 2pm, and games and live music throughout the day. This is a great time to catch up with some old friends, meet some new friends and hear about what God is doing as we pursue being a church for the city.


Family Reunion + Baptism is a chance for us to gather as an entire church family and celebrate what God’s been doing in individuals and communities in our city.

Live Music

We will have several talented individuals and groups from our Austin Stone family playing throughout the day, so bring your camping chairs or favorite blanket and enjoy some music in the sun. Lineup coming soon.


In classic family reunion-style, we’ll have great food!

  • We’re having BBQ from Iron Works BBQ: Turkey and Brisket, Beans, Potato Salad and all the fixings, plus Iced Tea and Water
  • Cost: Individuals-$7, Families of 2 adults and 4 or less children- $17, Families of 2 adults and 5 or more children- $27. (Children 10 & under eat free.) We encourage you to purchase your tickets in advance online (No tickets needed for entry, just for food.)
  • Purchase food tickets


We’ll have a host of games and other fun activities for kids and adults alike. Here’s some of the stuff we’ll have out there:

  • Inflatables and Bounce Houses
  • Playground
  • Sport fields for running and playing
  • Sand Volleyball
  • Rockwall climbing
  • Basketball


Family Reunion + Baptism will be at First Evangelical Free Church (EV Free) at 4220 Monterey Oaks Blvd., in Southwest Austin near the Mopac/290 interchange. Check out directions and location information here.


Want to get baptized at Family Reunion on May 16th? Sign up for the class (Sign ups close on May 10th.)

Before May 16th: You need to sign up online and attend one of our baptism classes. The classes are offered on April 26th, May 3rd and May 12th.
Day Of:  On May 16th, please check in at the “Baptism Registration Table” in the Main Registration Area near the chapel. You and the person baptizing you will receive a free lunch. Lunch starts at noon.
At 1:30pm, everyone getting baptized and those baptizing them will gather in the chapel to pray together and go over these logistics.
All you need to bring is: your bathing suit with a dark shirt and shorts to wear over it, a towel, a dry set of clothes to change in to, your friends / family. We’ll have a time of fellowship and prayer before the baptism so be sure to get there by 1:30pm!

A photo from last year's baptism

We Suggest You Bring…

  • Your family, friends, neighbors, missional community
  • Sunblock
  • Bug Spray
  • Camping Chair or Blanket
  • Any sports equipment you may want to use (frisbee, soccer ball, etc.)
  • Extra Water
  • Camera/Video Camera

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Yesterday there was a four-alarm fire in the St. John’s neighborhood of Austin.  Thankfully, no one is facing life threatening injuries, but 300 people are at least temporarily displaced by the fire.  Please pray for these families…pray that they would know the hope and the joy of Jesus Christ during this time and that they would suffer well…pray that the Church would act as the Church to love and serve those who were and are affected by the fire.   If you are in Austin, there is a need for both volunteers and donations.

You can take donations (socks, underwear, shoes, hygiene products, canned goods, microwaveable foods, etc.) to Iglesia Ebenezer church (7000 Cameron Rd) tonight until 9pm, Wed 8am-10:30pm; or Thurs-Fri 9am-8pm.

If you would like to sign up to volunteer sorting donations, please go to: http://tinyurl.com/d2a4hy

If you would like to sign up to volunteer with families at the Gus Garcia Rec Center, please go to:  http://tinyurl.com/ddskar They are looking for volunteers to help with children, to translate Spanish, and to transport families.

To read and see more: 



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Easter is such a great time to celebrate….the greatest day to celebrate!  We celebrate to rejoice in our risen King, to praise our Savior for conquering the grave, to thank Him for giving us the hope of restoration, and to worship a God who is alive and seated on His throne forever!

We also celebrate the Easter traditions that are a fun and exciting part of our culture, Easter egg hunts, the Easter bunny, and a meal with friends and family!


The Saturday before Easter, The Austin Stone hosted an Easter egg hunt down at Zilker park.  4,000 eggs were hidden for kids of all ages to find, and GTB was determined to win:







A real live Easter bunny (this made us miss Bandit!)


On Easter Sunday, we celebrated with a host of friends, mostly college students we know from the Stone.  For lunch, we decided to try a waffle bar (thanks for the idea Morgan!), and it was a definite success and do-again.



The day was complete with an Easter egg hunt.  Instead of hiding real eggs, we hid plastic eggs.  To entice the college students to play along with our games, we hid cash in seven “golden eggs.”  Clay was the big $20 winner, but two of the eggs went unfound…discovered by OTown and GTB later in the week.img_9513

GTB finally got to find his “bunny basket,” which he had been talking about constantly for two weeks.  He was not disappointed 🙂



Clay and Nolan enjoying waffles


Gary, Stephen, and Michael enjoying waffles


Scott and GTB playing with GTB’s new bubble wand


And of  course, there was Easter egg dying to be had.  Most of the eggs were dyed by our friends while GTB was napping, but he was not to be outdone….he just redyed all of their eggs after he woke up.  The pictures do a decent job of documenting the progressive destruction of our kitchen table.







Finally, GTB, OTown, and of course, Grr (yes, Grr is dressed up in a tie) went to church at The Stone….the highlight of the day!


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