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The Many Looks of GTB

Now that GTB has gotten a little bigger, he’s thinking about becoming a male model (he’s requested Zoolander as a mentor).  He’s found that he can sport so many different looks so becomingly. 

The sporty athletic look….

athletic look

The punk skater look….

athletic look

The preppy schoolboy look…

preppy look

And finally (this is a must in Texas), the cool cowboy look…


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Park Place

Last Saturday, GTB had a chance to visit good ole KF park.  Now, this wasn’t GTB’s first trip to the park…he’s been to the park a number of times.  However, this was his first time to really live it up at the park.  GTB met his buddy Elijah (who is the most adorable kid int he world) and had fun going down all the slides, swinging, and playing in the castle.  GTB and Eli can’t wait till they’re big enough to catch frogs in the creek!

  Toodus and GTB on the slide

o-town and gtb at the parkeli and gtb hangin’ out

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Spring Football


If you want to see some highlights of the game, click here

In honor of the Blue-Gold game today (listen here), I figured I would post one of my all-time favorite football hits.  I remember watching it live and wondering how the guy lived…turns out he actually suffered internal bleeding, but survived just fine.

Man I love football.

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Joy Inexpressible

Seriously, is it possible for us to be happier?  What a tremendous gift God has given us!

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So here’s a glimpse of how GTB spends his days.  He pretty much sleeps, eats, poops, and plays with his bugs.  Clothing is optional.  Its not a bad life…especially when you have a Bumbo seat to hang out in!

GTB in the Bumbo

Sometimes GTB even plays a little Guitar Hero II…

GTB Hero

Today is also Papa’s birthday!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEST COAST PAPA (WCP)!

We Love You! GTB, Toodus, and O-Town

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Baby McClean


Baby Hannah Mae McClean was born tonight at approximately 6 p.m.!  Praise God!  We’ll get some pictures up soon.

So our friends Colin and Christine are about to give birth to their second baby girl!  Their daughter, Emma, is ready to be a big sister!  Here she is practicing for sisterhood by holding GTB…

Emma and baby Micah

We’ll keep you updated on when their little one arrives!

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Baby Dedication

We had the tremendous joy of dedicating GTB at church this weekend!  I can’t say how much of a joy it is to know that we have such a faithful body of believers who have great visions for our son and will fight for him as he grows.  Here is a video snippet of the dedication:

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