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Goodnight My Angel

GTB has proven to be a really crazy sleeper.  Not a “bad” sleeper necessarily, but definitely not a good sleeper.  We’re pretty sure our boy will always be plagued with bad dreams, sleep walking, and general restlessness.  While this was frustrating at first (and still is at times), I’ve realized that there are some precious moments in putting him to sleep or getting up with him in the middle of the night that I won’t have the opportunity to share with him forever.  Its brought joy (and a lot of tiredness) to be able to rock him, sing to him,”pack his back,” and comfort him.  He has picked his favorite lullabies (Bill Joel – “Goodnight My Angel,” Tom Petty – “Walls,” and the Christmas Song – “O Holy Night), and now whenever I get done singing to him, he tells me, “Good Song Mom!” or “Yay Mommy!”  At one o’clock in the morning, those are the best words of encouragement a mom could ever hear!  Parenting is hard…but there’s joy in hard moments.

GTB’s transition to sleeping in a big boy bed (which translates to “sleeping anywhere BUT his crib):


(amazingly, GTB fell out of bed…flat on his face…and never woke up)


(GTB and Eli discovered that jumping on the bed is AWESOME!)


(on Halloween, GTB decided he LOVES to sleep on couches…he would rather sleep on a couch than anywhere else)


(he snuck out of bed a few weeks ago…collected all those toys/animals…and climbed back into bed)


(we rarely see moments when GTB is sleeping like a sweet normal child…we take pictures to give ourselves hope that he’s not totally insane)


(did you notice something missing from this picture?  that’s right…GTB’s head which is hidden underneath the blanket)


(GTB asleep two days ago with all his nasty pink eye-ness)


(as I’ve been typing, GTB snuck out of bed and is currently asleep on the kitchen floor which is definitely a more logical place to take a nap…he’s been sleeping soundly for an hour..I think I’ll leave him)

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Did He Just Say That?

Another edition….

During the last month, we potty trained GTB (yay!).  Its been an adventure to say the least, but one of the most priceless moments came as he was sitting on the porcelain bowl at the outlet mall.  Out of nowhere his eyes welled up with tears.

OTown:  “What’s wrong?”

GTB (crying):  “I’m hurting Nemo!”

That’s right, “I’m hurting Nemo.”  Remember the scene in Finding Nemo when Nemo jumps into the toilet?

OTown:  “Its okay GTB.  Nemo’s fine because all drains lead to the….”

GTB:  “OCEAN!!!”

We also went to Idaho last month to visit our family and play in the snow.  We got back into Austin pretty late, maybe 10:30ish and GTB had barely slept all day.  We thought he would crash in the car.  Instead, in the middle of the drive home, we here from the backseat:


Since then, GTB has been convinced that he “flyed” to the moon.  Again, maybe something we should correct, but its way more fun to egg him on and ask when he’ll be flying to the moon again 🙂


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As the Lord is teaching us more and more about marriage and parenting, we are learning how little we know and how valuable the community of believers around us is.  There’s a reason that God calls us to train our children within the context of a church, and its absolutely because we need the wisdom and the guidance of those around us to help us train our children well.  Our friend, Kimberly, began posting a series of blogs regarding parenting, and they have been invaluable to my parenting of GTB.  If you are a parent, are about to be a parent, or think that at some point in the future you just might be a parent, you should read these blogs.


GTB and Kimberly’s daughter, Sally

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Recently, Jason Kovacs, Director of Ministry Development for the ABBA Fund, wrote an awesome blog on Adoption + the City.  Toodus and I have loved learning about God’s heart for adoption, and its exciting to see how adoption fits with the vision God has given the Austin Stone of being a church for the city.  I’d encourage you to read Jason’s entry.

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Did He Just Say That?

I realize that some of you have heard these stories a thousand times, but for those of you who we don’t get to talk with much, you’re totally missing out on the hilarious things GTB is saying these days!  So I decided I’d try to post every week or two with some funny GTB quotes:


OTown:  “GTB, who loves you?” (I was trying to teach him that Jesus loves him)

GTB:  “Batman!”


OTown:  “GTB, what should we name your little brother?”

GTB:  “mmmmm…….God…..or hot”


OTown:  “GTB, who’s in mommy’s tummy?”

GTB:  “BABY JESUS!!!!!”  – this is one that I should probably correct because I’m going to be damned to hell for allowing my kid to speak such heresy….but its pretty funny so I let him keep telling people that Baby Jesus is in my tummy


OTown:  “GTB, what should we name your little brother?”

GTB (rolling his eyes):  “…Jesus…”  –  I had forgotten that GTB is convinced that Baby Jesus is in my tummy

Two Nights Ago

Toodus:  “GTB, do you need a spanking?”

GTB:  “ummmmm…..no thank you”


GTB in the car on the way to the gym:  “another car…another car….another car…a bus….another car….another car….another car…another car…..another car….three trucks….another car….another car….”  this continued for the entire 15 minute drive.


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