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Oh, the wonderful things GTB can do

He can sound like an owl, he can go whoo whoo

He can lie through his teeth and tell you that he’s two.

He can run, he can jump

He can climb up the stairs….

and up the slide….

and onto chairs.

He can blow his own nose,

He can drink from a cup

He can even throw a penny in a pool for luck.

He can play hide-and-seek with his friends…

and with his bear…

He can even kiss a girl in a rocking chair!

Oh, the wornderful things GTB can do

Maybe someday he’ll teach you to do them too!

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New Friends

Here are our new friends!  Aren’t they cute????

Baby Calvin Elliot Gentry was born June 14….

Here he is!!

and Baby Karis Elizabeth Stewart was born June 23 (GTB’s future sister-in-law!)

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GTB and his Betrothed

This is Sally, GTB’s future wife…he looks pretty proud of his catch…she looks a bit unsure 🙂

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the Native GTB

Recently, anthropologists caught a glimpse of the illusive GTB in his native environment.  They were surprised to find that although the GTB has many advanced skills, he is still barbaric and primitive in most of his ways.  Here are some of the things the anthropologists noted the GTB doing in their field journal:

1.  Playing with a trainset, a skill they thought to be refined until they came to realize, he was in actuality simply destroying the trainset.

2.  Playing T-Ball…although only occasionally hitting the ball and more frequently walking around holding a club in his hand much like the cavemen of yore…

3.  Playing in a ballpit…this appears to resemble a cave of sorts and the fact that the GTB growls while he plays in this pit suggests strong ties to the animal world…closely related to bears perhaps?

4.  Watching movies…while the GTB seems to occasionally enjoy watching the modern innovation of movies, his taste in film is base at best…he prefers animals, ogres, and fight scenes

5.  One final unusual behavior to note:  the GTB was caught dressing up as a bunny and attempting to make a bunny sound.  While the GTB has frequently been known to scrunch his nose in a bunny-like fashion on other occasions, he apparently interprets the bunny nose wiggle as an opening and shutting of the mouth.  Why the GTB dresses and imitates bunnies, anthropologists have yet to determine….

End notes.



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GTB…Gorilla To Be?

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The Big Party

Two weeks ago there was a party for the McClean girls!  Hannah turned one in April, and Emma turned three in May.  They had a huge bash to celebrate, and we had a blast at the party!

After hating the waterslide at the last birthday part, GTB decided to try the water slide at this party:

(it took a lot of concentration judging by the look on his face)

Christine is amazing and somehow managed to find enough small tables and chairs to seat somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 kids under the age of 3.  Each kid got a party hat, and it was awesomely hilarious to watch the kids sitting on little chairs with their pointy party hats.  Also, GTB was on a crazy eating streak that week and managed to eat about 10 chicken nuggets (all in about 4 bites), 2 bags of chips, a cupcake, and several bags of fruitsnacks all in one sitting…gross.  If you look closely, you’ll see that GTB is cramming food in his mouth in the next four pictures.


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Babies Everywhere!

These days, it seems like we run into babies everywhere!  But on May 19, GTB and OTown flew to Spokane to see two of our favorite babies–our new niece, Kindyl, and our baby cousin Aiden!

We surprised Aunt Carmen at the hospital, and we were so excited to see baby Kindyl!  She is so adorable! 

The proud Papa with the littlest of his five grandchildren:

The kiddos were both a little on the sleepy side:

GTB wanted to party but he wasn’t quite up to it.  He fell asleep holding the balloon:

Grandpa Engstrom back from the desert:

Playing with Grammy Pammy:

Sleepyhead Kindyl:

Sleepyhead GTB in his pj’s and alligator shoes:

Kindyl getting her first exposure to the great outdoors:

Finally, we got to see Emmalee and meet baby Aiden!

On the plane home:

 This is a picture of the Spokane Falls that I took when I was up there.  Who knew that Spokane was so beautiful?




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