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After GTB’s birthday dinner at Phil’s, we all went and wasted some time, money, and brain cells at Chuck E Cheese…it was awesome!  GTB loved the huge “dog” (which we tried to tell him was a mouse but he didn’t believe us) and the ski ball.  He rode on all the rides, and at the end of the night, he had earned 300 tickets which bought him three new cars…he’s a lucky kid!  

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For GTB’s birthday dinner, we took him to Phil’s Ice House.  GTB had never been to Phil’s before and it is a kid’s paradise!  Complete with playscape, shuffle board, cows to climb on, and Amy’s Ice Cream, this is one of our new favorite Austin restaurants. 

The birthday boy on his throne (wishing he were playing on the playground):

the birthday boy on his throne

The birthday boy eating french fries for dinner: 

GTB and OTown’s family celebrating the big first birthday:

GTB finally getting to play on the playground:

He loved the cows and learned to say cow (incidentally a week later he started making a cow sound…instead of moo, his cows say moe):

We ran into our friends the Pecks at Phil’s and it was a special treat for GTB to get to hang out with Ellie and Halle on his birthday:

GTB hanging out with another birthday boy…this kid turned 7:

playing with the other birthday boy

GTB, Toodus, and OTown posing as cows…GTB wasn’t sure what to think about this new family look:

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