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GTB on Shutterfly

So O-Town has done an excellent job of categorizing and sifting through the 5 billion pictures we have taken over the last week and a half and placed them on this wondrous world wide web for all to see.  If you would like to see some more pics of our little man, click on over to:


Hope you enjoy them!

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Baby Mara is here!!!

The other half of the Hallstrom clan (Hall + Engstrom = Hallstrom) had their baby girl, Mara Kathryn!  Check here for updates

Baby Mara

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Last Saturday, my mommy and daddy took me out into the real world for the first time and how amazing it was!  We went to Rudy’s to get breakfast tacos.  Why did I spend 9 months eating amniotic fluid when such good eats exist?  Later we took my puppy, Sari, to the park.  Grandma Buzzy and Grandpa Mahlon went too.  I wore shorts and tennis shoes for the first time.  They were too big for a little guy like me and everyone said I kind of looked like an old man, but I felt stylish anyway!

Grandma Buzzy and Micah   Breatkfast Tacos at Rudy’s

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Down with the Empire

Back to work? You can’t be serious. I’m not sure I can handle being away from our little guy for the whole work day. Look at how cute he is…

GTB playing

Now that we’ve all had our “awww…how cute” moment, I wanted to write a post to process through what just transpired over the last few days while it is still fresh in my mind.

The first item to mention is just how fast it seemed like the whole process went. One minute we’re headed to the hospital slightly nervous, the next we’re at home cleaning up spitup, singing lullabies, and staring at our baby boy in his crib. Glory to God for how He has prepared us to be parents, and it is truly amazing to watch His hand throughout the whole process. Even through the marvels of modern medicine by which you can schedule the very day of birth, it is still amazingly clear how sovereign God is over every minute detail of our lives.

Secondly, I can hardly believe how small GTB is! He is a fully functioning human, with little toes, little fingers, and everything in between, but he is so miniature. Grandpa Mahlon pointed out that every single person on the planet (6,525,170,264 estimated in July, if you are interested) was at one point this small.  GTB is a great image of our sheer dependancy on God for everything, and has certainly brought to life the Scriptural images of God as a loving father, as well as 1 Peter 2:1-3 and craving the pure milk of the Word.  He’s only one week old, and already teaching me so much!

Lastly, O-town had a very deep insight into how GTB is the physical representation of our marriage, tangible enfleshment that is part her and part me.  This realization has given me significant insight into the depth of the union God created on our wedding day, and makes me earnestly desire to continually pursue and protect our marriage covenant.  I give thanks to the Lord for continually showing us more of His grace each day!

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Lazy Sunday

We’re just enjoying my last day at home before heading back to work.  I hope you all are enjoying the photos of GTB as much as we are, and it’s giving you some glimpse into the joy the Lord has brought into our lives.  To him be the glory, He has knit something so incredible together!

  micah10.JPG GTB

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Home on the Range


Heres a quick video of Micah’s first time at home…I’m still learning this whole YouTube/video editing thing…


We made it home from the hospital today around 1:30, and Micah is loving his new surroundings.  He enjoyed his first car ride so much that he didn’t wake up.  He also loves to chill with Grandpa in his new digs.

Here’s a few pictures :).


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