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Are you done?

Read this great blog last week from my friend Morgan.  Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of her blog:

when you get married everyone asks, “when are you thinking of having children?”

it is a predictable question, like comments about the weather in an awkward silence.

when you find yourself with a child, everyone asks, “when are you thinking of having another?”

or at least that is what everyone asks me.

Here’s what I have to add. Once you have the second kid, people will begin asking you, “Do you think you’ll have any more?”  Or if you’re a same-gender-kid family like ours, you’ll be asked, “Do you think you’ll try for a girl?”  As if having three boys…or not having a girl…is the most horrifying thought imaginable.

Now that I have three kids (and yes, I did get that girl!), the question I have heard SO many times in the last three months is, “Are you done?” Sometimes, its phrased “You’re done, right?” or “You don’t want any more, do you?” or “Thank goodness you got that girl so you don’t have to try again!”

Apparently, one is not enough….two is close to right but not entirely satisfying…three is maybe just a little bit too much…and for goodness sake, please do not try for a fourth.  This is probably why the average American family has 2.5 kids.  Its just right.

I will say, I can’t blame people for asking if we’re done:

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Meet Camden!

Here is a picture of our new nephew…our first nephew!  His name is Camden Ryan and he is precious.  He is in the NICU right now and we would appreciate your prayers for him.  He goes in for his third surgery tomorrow…his third surgery and he’s only two weeks old!

Camden is an awesome little man and an amazing reminder that life is precious.  He is a reminder that there is coming a day when we will not experience sadness or sickness or brokenness, and that the Gospel is our only hope for today.

Toodus got to go see him last week, and I’m hoping to go visit soon!  To stay updated on Camden, please go to:  www.camdenmoore.wordpress.com.  If you would like to help love and serve our brother, sister, nieces, and nephew, you can:

1.  Click here to donate towards providing meals, housecleaning, and helping with the medical costs.

2.  Send a book for Carmen and Tim to read to Camden in the NICU.  DM @eatplaylove…she is throwing a book shower for Carmen.

3.  Please, please, please pray for Camden!!

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