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Lee and Lacey are getting married today!!!  We are so excited to be a part of their festivities and will surely update the blog with pictures from the big event!  In the meantime, pray for the life they are beginning together and the sanctity of their marriage.

Here are pics from when Lee and Lacey came to visit us in Austin when GTB was only 1 1/2 weeks old.


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Babes in Toyland

GTB is learning to manipulate toys!  What does he do with them, you ask?  He puts them straight into his mouth, of course.


Leo the Lion is GTB’s traveling companion.  He rides in the carseat with GTB everywhere he goes.


A “clean dog” after his bath


Note the red nose on this toys face.  GTB loves to suck on that nose.


Who needs toys when you can play with dishtowels?

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A King on his Throne


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No Girls Allowed

On Father’s Day, GTB and Toodus built their first fort together.  GTB seemed to love it, although Toodus may have loved it more.  The boys are looking forward to many more adventures together and have already been reading through the “Dangerous Book for Boys” to get ideas for future escapades.



(Father’s Day was a blast.  We hung out, grilled out, and pigged out!)

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I really enjoyed this post from Pure Church on the concept of mission…certainly a refreshing perspective.

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