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Beautiful Baby Contest

Here’s the first pic of our new baby!  I know what you’re thinking… “That baby’s so cute and photogenic, they should enter it in a beautiful baby contest.”  Maybe we will 🙂


Baby seems to be healthy and is due to arrive June 17th.  Praise the Lord!

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Keep Off the Grass

Alright, here are the pictures you’ve all been waiting for!  I thought I would be unable to get GTB to dress up in his garden gnome costume, but I recently found out that GTB will do anything for a sucker!  Here’s GTB on Halloween night:

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If anyone ever said it was a good idea to carve pumpkins with a 1 1/2 year old around, they were definitely wrong.  I’m not sure what was more dangerous:  GTB holding a pen or GTB grabbing for a knife.  At any rate, we had fun carving our rotting pumpkins and GTB did a fantastic job scribbling all over his…the masterpiece of a true genius 🙂

above you can see both the rotting pumpkin and GTBs’ booty

After all our hard work, we finally had jack-o-laterns to display to the world!  GTB likes to point to them and say, “face”….pointing is GTB’s new thing.  He points at everything.  Two things to note:  1) the pumpkin on the far right is GTB’s pumpkin and it has pen all over it…I mean all over it; 2) the tiny pumpkin that GTB was holding in previous pictures is absent in the picture below…we did not notice this until we were posting this blog and realized “hey, what did GTB do with that little pumpkin?”  hopefully we find out before its too late…

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This is the second pumpkin patch we went to.  The pumpkin patch that’s only 15 minutes from our house that we didn’t go to because we thought the pumpkin patch in Elgin would have the best selection 🙂  Turns out, they had some pretty decent pumpkins at this Methodist church.  For those of you in the north, the most disappointing thing about Halloween in the south is that the pumpkins rot pretty quickly.  In fact, its almost impossible to have a non-decaying pumpkin on your porch on Halloween day.  GTB and I scoured hundreds of pumpkins to find 4 that were not in any way rotting or decaying….the perfect pumpkins.  We waited to carve them so they would sustain a better chance of surviving until Halloween but only one week later they were already getting nasty….boo.  For those of you in the north, the greatest thing about Halloween in the south is that its 80some degrees and you can wear shortsleeves when you pick out pumpkins…how bout them apples!

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This is the first pumpkin patch we went to.  Its 40 minutes outside of Austin in a small town called Elgin on a farm that advertises hayrides and pumpkin decorating and things like that.  So our friend Kelly, who’s an amazing photographer in Austin, thought it would be fun to load a few of the kids up in their Halloween costumes, drive out to the awesome pumpkin patch, pick out pumpkins, go on a hayride, and take pictures of the kids in their costumes so she could use them on her website next year.  What a great idea!  We were all stoked.  So the week before Halloween, we dressed the kids up (GTB refused to wear his garden gnome costume so he wore his backup monkey costume instead) and trekked out to Elgin only to find out that they had maybe 30 pumpkins left on the whole farm….and not very good ones at that.  They did, however, have a lot of trucks for GTB to push through the dirt, so the day was deemed a success after all…and I think we managed to get all the kids together for maybe one or two pictures…5 kids in one picture????  I would say success, definite success.

please note the darling turtle about to fall off the hay bale in the background

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Cat’s Out of the Bag

Cat’s Out of the Bag:   a poem by GTB
based loosely on Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat

Today my mom read me
The Cat in the Hat
And I said to myself
I wish I had a crazy life like that!

I don’t want to spend my time and just
I do not like that
Not one little bit!

I do my best to go bump
And to make my mom and dad jump
To go outside when the sun is sunny
And have lots of good fun that is funny.
But when Eli’s not around
I miss having a friend to be chummy!

So I said to my mom
As we sat there we two
“How I wish there was something you could do
So I’d always have someone
Who will run down the hall
Jump off the couch and climb things that are tall.
I want life to be crazy and its just so much more fun
If you have another crazy along for the run!”

My mom looked at me and smiled
As we sat there we two
And she said
“GTB that sounds like fun to me too.”

“You don’t have to worry
Or have any fear
For the Thing you’ve been waiting for is soon to be here.”

I think your dad would agree
That its long overdue
For our sweet little Thing One to be joined by his very own….

“When will Thing Two be here and what will it be like?
An ogre baby would be to my delight.”
“June,” my mom said, “But an ogre will be rather tricky
It will probably be a human baby….so don’t be too picky.”

How much fun we will have
Thing One and Thing Two
Our poor parents will surely have no idea what to do.
When we race up the stairs and slide down the gutter
Chase the dog around the house and eat all the butter.

I’m so glad mom and dad
Let the cat out of the bag
I no longer have to ask, to beg, or to nag
For a brother or sister with whom I can play
Because one is coming, one is on the way!
And for the next nine months, I plan to ask every day,
“Is Thing Two going to be here today?”

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