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The Real Deal

we thought Crocs were the best things ever invented…until we saw the REAL crocs! 

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Driveway Waterworks

GTB loves to play outside, especially when it involves water and our neighbors.

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Trying to catch up with my blog posts….This is from the first week of April when the Peck girls came over to play! 

GTB and Ellie looking at the moon:

GTB rockin’ an awesome mullet and trying to figure out what Ellie was up to:

GTB and Halle hanging out in the pack ‘n’ play.  Three facts about Halle:  1)  Halle is the only name that GTB says (other than dad and dog, of course…notice that GTB is still not saying mom) and its super sweet when he says her name, 2)  this weekend, we were at our friend Travis’ graduation party and GTB found an almost empty beer bottle which he graciously shared with Halle…the two of them took turns drinking from the bottle while giggling and smiling at one another…i think we’ve got our hands full with these two!  3)  Halle is the cutest, sweetest baby you’ll ever meet

You can find more pictures of Halle and Ellie here.





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Family Reunion

The second week in April, our church held our annual Family Reunion and Chili Cookoff.  As always, GTB had a blast and played to his hearts content:

Playing in the bounce house, GTB did not want to stop to get his picture taken!

Who should I go talk to next?

With bubbles:

Bobbing for apples (or more accurately, splashing in the water, stealing the apples, and throwing them across the field):

Hugging Luke (every time GTB tries to hug his friends, they cry…poor GTB):



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GTB loves cars!  He especially loves to drive them and at the beginning of April, he finally learned how to open the door and climb into his car all by himself!  Right now, he’s restricted to driving on the driveway but any day, I’m sure he’ll be ready to cruise the drag and drive on the open road.

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GTB has a new cousin!  Check out Kindyl Mayson Moore!

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GTB on Easter wearing his new tie 🙂

On a mission to hunt the eggs in the backyard….

Unfortunately, he proved to be pretty terrible at finding eggs (Easter is apparently not his holiday).  However, he was decent at taking the eggs out of the bucket….

Noah showing GTB how to throw an egg without breaking it

Morgan dressed like a rockstar Easter bunny

GTB:  “Why are there toys hidden in the bushes?”

GTB with a real Easter bunny, Bandit

Nothing says Easter like a duck, a bunny, and a bottle of mayo


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