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Tomorrow GTB graduates from preschool.  Yes, they call it graduation even though he’s not moving on to anything else.  He will be back in the same place doing the same thing next year, he will still be only three years old, and he will probably still be getting stickers for going pee in the potty.  So we’re looking forward to what this graduation ceremony holds.  As Amber put it today, they keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity (can you name that movie?). I figure, if nothing else, this graduation ceremony celebrates a year of survival.  I’m pretty sure Miss Kathy is shocked she made it out alive, and I’m honestly a little bit surprised GTB made it out alive as well.  Here are some of the things GTB survived at school this year:

1.  Roid Rage.  Last fall, GTB reacted horribly to some steroids the pediatrician had prescribed him.  Needless to say, it was a loooong fall for us, his teacher, and him.

2.  Playground Bully.  Early this spring, GTB was crying almost every time I dropped him off at school.  He kept asking me if a certain boy was going to be there and telling me that he was scaring.  I figured…I’m sure this kid is acting crazy just like all the other 2-year-old boys in the class.  Turns out, that every kid in GTB’s class and in the class below his were terrified of this little boy.  Sad case.  We spent a lot of time praying for GTB to be brave and for this little boy to meet Jesus…and a lot of time wiping tears off of GTB’s face.  In mid-February, the kid left for vacation (or “gay-gay-tion” as GTB calls it) and never came back.  The rest of the school year was much easier.

3.  Mulch….GTB hates mulch…really, really hates it.  The whole playground at his school is mulch, and GTB would wig out anytime we left school and he had mulch still stuck to him.  He also would report to me every single time a kid threw mulch at him (although I’m sure he failed to tell me how frequently he threw mulch at other kids).

4.  Being in a different class than Eli.  GTB’s best friend in the whole world got put into the class above GTB’s.  GTB was so sad to not be with him.  As the year progressed, they got more and more used to it…and compensated by yelling “Tooty Booty!” every time they saw one another.

5.  The Christmas program.  Normally, GTB loves to be center stage, but apparently, he prefers to be solo.  He was unimpressed and unexcited about participating in the Christmas program the school put on.  He sat to one side and rolled his eyes as he watched the other kids sing.

For all the things he survived, Toodus and I were just reflecting on how much he’s grown in a year.  He has gotten over so many of the things that were annoying about the two’s – wanting every that we had, fighting over toys, accidentally wetting his pants – and he’s become more and more fun to be around!  He is hilarious at telling jokes, he is everyone’s best friend (no joke), he’s getting better and better with his manners, and he is becoming a really great helper.  Even though GTB’s not technically graduating, we sure are excited for the chance to celebrate him.

His first day….

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Miss These Guys!

I was just thinking about our dear friends, the Halls, tonight.  We miss them like crazy.  Here’s a picture of GTB and M when they were about 4 months old

And here’s a pic of GTB and M last fall when the Hall family came to visit. 

And finally, here’s a picture of the little two.

I hope that even though we’re so far apart, these kids grow up knowing and loving each other!

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New Tunes

We are so thankful to have these guys leading worship at our church week in and week out.  Their music has been an encouragement to worship a God who is great and mighty…a God who is worthy of all our worship….and we love to see how God is using them in Austin, in the United States, and in the nations!  If you are looking for great new music, you’ve found it!


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Nope,  not Deuce the Caboose although he’s sure to be here before we know it!  But we had three friends who had babies last week.  All precious, adorable little girls, and I can’t help but show them off!


Evangeline Piper Suh

Audra Neel Hall

and Ainsley Elizabeth Bean!

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Easter is such a great time to celebrate….the greatest day to celebrate!  We celebrate to rejoice in our risen King, to praise our Savior for conquering the grave, to thank Him for giving us the hope of restoration, and to worship a God who is alive and seated on His throne forever!

We also celebrate the Easter traditions that are a fun and exciting part of our culture, Easter egg hunts, the Easter bunny, and a meal with friends and family!


The Saturday before Easter, The Austin Stone hosted an Easter egg hunt down at Zilker park.  4,000 eggs were hidden for kids of all ages to find, and GTB was determined to win:







A real live Easter bunny (this made us miss Bandit!)


On Easter Sunday, we celebrated with a host of friends, mostly college students we know from the Stone.  For lunch, we decided to try a waffle bar (thanks for the idea Morgan!), and it was a definite success and do-again.



The day was complete with an Easter egg hunt.  Instead of hiding real eggs, we hid plastic eggs.  To entice the college students to play along with our games, we hid cash in seven “golden eggs.”  Clay was the big $20 winner, but two of the eggs went unfound…discovered by OTown and GTB later in the week.img_9513

GTB finally got to find his “bunny basket,” which he had been talking about constantly for two weeks.  He was not disappointed 🙂



Clay and Nolan enjoying waffles


Gary, Stephen, and Michael enjoying waffles


Scott and GTB playing with GTB’s new bubble wand


And of  course, there was Easter egg dying to be had.  Most of the eggs were dyed by our friends while GTB was napping, but he was not to be outdone….he just redyed all of their eggs after he woke up.  The pictures do a decent job of documenting the progressive destruction of our kitchen table.







Finally, GTB, OTown, and of course, Grr (yes, Grr is dressed up in a tie) went to church at The Stone….the highlight of the day!


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