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Did He Just Say That?

Another edition….

During the last month, we potty trained GTB (yay!).  Its been an adventure to say the least, but one of the most priceless moments came as he was sitting on the porcelain bowl at the outlet mall.  Out of nowhere his eyes welled up with tears.

OTown:  “What’s wrong?”

GTB (crying):  “I’m hurting Nemo!”

That’s right, “I’m hurting Nemo.”  Remember the scene in Finding Nemo when Nemo jumps into the toilet?

OTown:  “Its okay GTB.  Nemo’s fine because all drains lead to the….”

GTB:  “OCEAN!!!”

We also went to Idaho last month to visit our family and play in the snow.  We got back into Austin pretty late, maybe 10:30ish and GTB had barely slept all day.  We thought he would crash in the car.  Instead, in the middle of the drive home, we here from the backseat:


Since then, GTB has been convinced that he “flyed” to the moon.  Again, maybe something we should correct, but its way more fun to egg him on and ask when he’ll be flying to the moon again 🙂


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