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Did He Just Say That?

I realize that some of you have heard these stories a thousand times, but for those of you who we don’t get to talk with much, you’re totally missing out on the hilarious things GTB is saying these days!  So I decided I’d try to post every week or two with some funny GTB quotes:


OTown:  “GTB, who loves you?” (I was trying to teach him that Jesus loves him)

GTB:  “Batman!”


OTown:  “GTB, what should we name your little brother?”

GTB:  “mmmmm…….God…..or hot”


OTown:  “GTB, who’s in mommy’s tummy?”

GTB:  “BABY JESUS!!!!!”  – this is one that I should probably correct because I’m going to be damned to hell for allowing my kid to speak such heresy….but its pretty funny so I let him keep telling people that Baby Jesus is in my tummy


OTown:  “GTB, what should we name your little brother?”

GTB (rolling his eyes):  “…Jesus…”  –  I had forgotten that GTB is convinced that Baby Jesus is in my tummy

Two Nights Ago

Toodus:  “GTB, do you need a spanking?”

GTB:  “ummmmm…..no thank you”


GTB in the car on the way to the gym:  “another car…another car….another car…a bus….another car….another car….another car…another car…..another car….three trucks….another car….another car….”  this continued for the entire 15 minute drive.


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