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Finally posting pictures of our time in Turkey.  We had an incredible trip and we are beginning to love the land and the people of Turkey.  Izmir, the city we spent most of our time in, is the third largest city in Turkey and is beautiful!  It sits between the Aegean Sea and the hills, and we couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous scenery around us 🙂   

The clocktower is the “heart” of Izmir.  Behind it, you can see the oldest mosque in the city…behind that (but not pictured) is this crazy marketplace that you cannot find your way out of once you wander into it….

The entire city is densely packed.  No one lives in a house.  Instead, there are just millions of apartments crammed together.

This was taken from a fort above the city of Izmir…for you church history buffs, this is where Polycarp is said to be buried

Also taken from the fort.

Cute Turkish boys playing in a fountain at a park.  The statue in the background is Ataturk

Turkish nationalism….a rally we happened upon

Inside a mosque.  They had headcoverings for the girls to borrow! 

Our Turkish friend told us one day that he wanted to take us to a great “Swedish” restaurant for lunch….guess where we ended up?

Students we met at Ege University

Stay tuned for pictures from our daytrips to Ephesus and Pergamum…..

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