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Off to Turkey

As many of you know, Olivia and I will be heading to Turkey from July 18th through July 29th, and we would cherish your prayers during that time.  The purpose of our trip is to seek the vision of the Lord for how we will pursue ministry into the future, to pray for and encourage the believers in Turkey, and to experience Turkish culture.
As our team prepares to leave, we cling to the promise that the Word of God does not return empty but shall accomplish what the Lord purposes (Isaiah 55:11), and so would love for you to pray the following Scriptures over our time there:
Ezekiel 34:11-16:  Pray that our team would be broken for the lost people of Turkey as the Lord is and that we would love the lost Turks as Christ loved us when we, too, were lost.
Philippians 1:3-11:  Pray that we would be an encouragement and a source of joy to believers in the nation of Turkey, that we would grow in partnership with the local Turkish church, and that we would remain faithful in praying for local believers. 
2 Corinthians 2:14-17:  Pray that we would be “the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing,” that we be good representatives of the Gospel and sincere proclaimers—not of ourselves—but of Jesus Christ.  Pray that we would not compromise or cloud truth but that the Word would shine in the hearts of the Turks.
1 Chronicles 16:23-34:  Pray that God’s glory would be made known in Turkey.  Pray that no sin—especially pride or disunity—would keep the Lord’s name from being made famous.
Personally, Olivia and I would ask that you pray for us as we leave Micah for such a long stretch, but we know that he will be in great hands with his grandma’s watching him.  Finally, we would love your prayer that God would use this time to grow and strengthen our marriage as we pursue the mission of God together, and it would be a great time of growth for us.
Grace and peace!

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Cutting Some Hairs

GTB’s first haircut.  What a fun experience, and how handsome does he look????


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