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Bon Appetite

Last month, OTown’s Uncle Rod taught GTB to drink out of a cup, and ever since then GTB can’t get enough of people drinks or food!  He now drinks from his own sippy cup and enjoys tasting everything OTown and Toodus will let him.  Although the doc says he’s still too little for solid foods, he gets many tastes of barbecue sauce, pickle juice, Dr. Pepper, Shiner, and the likes.  He stares longingly at everything OTown and Toodus consume and is constantly trying to swipe their drinks and food from right out underneath of them!  Last week, the fam was at Chuy’s enjoying a great dinner when GTB decided to snatch OTown’s water from her.  Before she realized what was happening, GTB had dumped the entire glass (and it was a large glass) all over himself and OTown!  The two finished their dinner wearing soggy clothes.   Last night, he tried to steal a cookie from one of the KidStuff workers at church!  Poor GTB has a month to go before he actually gets to experience the joys of real food!





Although he’s had many tastes of sauces, etc. over the months, GTB has had his first real encounter with solid food just in the last two weeks.  On the airplane to Pittsburgh, the flight attendant gave him crackers to suck on.  That was a mistake as the crackers quickly fell apart almost choking the poor guy!  However, after arriving home from Pittsburgh, OTown and Toodus took GTB to the Olive Garden where GTB sat at the bar and was permitted to suck on his first ever Olive Garden bread stick.  For all of you who have tasted the sweet goodness of Olive Garden breadsticks, you know this experience was divine for little GTB!  When he dropped the breadstick on the floor and OTown and Toodus refused to give it back, well…let’s just say you’ve never seen an angrier elf!



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