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Taking a slightly different turn on this blog, I wanted to post some theological thoughts I’ve had over the past few months.  I’ll probably post a series of these over the next few weeks, so if you want to peer into the mind of Toodus, here’s your opportunity. 

As I have continued to engage Systematic Theology, I have realized how my questioning of the process of salvation, or any other doctrinal matter, tends to be from an attitude of skepticism over Scriptural authority, not out of confidence in it. Confident acceptance of biblical authority leads to questions of understanding the mechanics of what is presented in Scripture and teasing out ideas first gleaned from the Word. Prideful skepticism challenges the statements found within Scripture to be proven true, and ultimately holds the logic of man as the highest authority. If it doesn’t make sense to me, how can it be true? The better question is, this is true, how can I make sense of it? This is probably a revelation that many people I am around have at a much earlier time, but I guess I’m just a little behind the curve.

I think the impetus for my approach of skepticism is somewhat ingrained in our generational culture’s psyche.  We’ve been trained in the Postmodern age to approach everything from a hermeneutic of doubt, as opposed to the hermeneutic of trust of our parents’ generation.  I think the balance lies somewhere in the middle, while at the same time remaining utterly confident in the faithfulness and truth of God.  The process for me consists of rooting out the unfaithfulness in my heart which leads to doubt in God’s revealed Word, whereas some others need to be impelled to critically examine doctrine that it might lead to heart change.

Another revelation that has become painfully obvious through my study and teaching of the subject is our woeful lack of biblical knowledge as an American church.  With the resources a layman has at his or her fingertips, it is almost deplorable the level of ignorance which exists, of which I am a chief example.  I am perfectly well trained to explain the finer details of Quantum Theory, Chemical Reaction Kinetics, and other such things, but only competent in the rudimentary basics of biblical exposition and theological discourse.  I wonder if both culturally and personally, two things are at work here: 1. Due to the extraordinary proliferation and availability of information, our/my actual comprehension of Scripture and Theological material has declined because “Google can find it” and we/I have become lazy as a result of the extraordinary tools available, and 2.  Teaching sound doctrine has become so devalued that we don’t even know what it is any more.  I’m learning to repent of my ingnorance and indolence daily.

Anyway, these are just a few random wanderings of my mind, feel free to leave a comment…


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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Cutest Bunny Ever

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To commemorate opening day of the 2007 baseball season, GTB made an appearance at his first baseball game.  Although GTB would rather have been watching the Royals or the Mariners, he settled for cheering on the Aggies at the Dell Diamond.  While there, GTB caught his first glimpse of what life is like as a real kid…he can’t wait for the years when he can eat cotton candy, run through the stadium, and roll down the hill behind the outfield!  In the meantime, GTB settled for hanging out in his daddy’s arms.  Now, the outing to the Dell Diamond was GTB’s first real outing with friends.  In attendance were J and Mike; Kevin and his little girl Ellie; and Logan and Amber and their cute kiddo, Eli.  While GTB acted mainly like a little peanut throughout the ballgame, Eli and Ellie were more like crackerjacks bringing smiles to all those around them.  GTB is so thankful that he has cool friends to hang out with!  The outing was fun for the whole family.  GTB especially appreciated the fact that his parents prepared him for the seventh inning stretch by singing numerous renditions of “take me out to the ball game” on the way to the ball game.  He also owes O-Town and Toodus a huge thank you for saving him from the foul ball that came flying at his face.  Next time, he intends to wear a helmet. 


A Domer at Heart

CrackerJack Ellie

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Lost Umbi Causes GTB Torture

Last night, GTB hit a major milestone in his short life.  He finally lost his umbilical cord!  Now GTB didn’t seem to mind a bit that he had just discarded the last tie to his fetal days.  In fact, he seemed quite proud of his awesome belly button (Toodus and O-Town confirm that it is an awesome belly button).  However, GTB was unaware that his parents had been plotting and scheming to give GTB his first bath as soon as the umbi fell out.  While he was proudly showing off his belly button, O-Town was filling a tub with warm water.  Seconds later, GTB was plunged into this seemingly benign warm water, only to find out that he did not find it so benign!  GTB found the water to be pure torture, and he gave O-Town and Toodus his two cents by screaming the whole time, even letting out the I’m-So-Angry-I-Can-Only-Emit-A-Silent-Cry cry.  While some might question GTB’s intense reaction to the H2O, GTB proved that he is a tough guy by quickly regaining his typical laid back and happy composure.  For now, GTB is dry and content.  Little does he know that he will be exposed to this form of torture on a daily basis……

See below for the before, during, after shots.  

Before H2O Torture GTB experiencing H2O Torture GTB After the H2O Torture

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